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Digital Organiser Bundle | To do List, Meal Planner & Cleaning Checklist

Introducing T.A.B.S by THE ocd. Your ultimate Digital Organiser Bundle. Package includes our popular To Do List, Meal Planner/Grocery List and Cleaning Checklist.


This is everything to get you organised in one place so you can manage your home, work and personal life more seamlessly and stress free.

All three documents have been bundled into one place so you can easily jump between each page with clickable tabs and icons digitally linked to where you need to navigate too.


To Do List

This To Do List is like none other out there and it’s going to completely revolutionise the way you organise your day, week and tasks.


📅 Daily Snapshot: Page 1 captures your scheduled appointments for the day, priority tasks, meals and what tasks you need to focus on for the day. The to do list also has a hydration tracker, daily habits you’d like to achieve, a reminder to take your vitamins and a section to take a minute to reflect on what you are grateful for today.


🗒 Categorise into Tabs & Subcategorise into Lists (pages 2-9): 9 separate Tabs and 12 lists per page. That’s a total of 75+ tasks per page. So you can categorise by tabs and subcategorise your tasks into separate list. For example, you may have a tab called kids and then subcategorise it by what to buy them, lunch ideas, activity ideas, school reminders and more.


Meal Planner & Grocery List

Save time and money by planning your weekly menu and capturing exactly what ingredients you need all in one page.


🌟 Highlights: Record what food you already have in the Fridge or Freezer that you’d like to Use Up or meal plan around that. Capture when your Meat, Bread and Milk expire for the week so you can use or replenish these as needed. Jot down what Top Up’s you need to grab throughout the week so you don’t run out.


🛒 Categorised by Grocery Sections: List your ingredients so you’re shopping in sections in the aisle and budget accordingly.


🍝 Capture Family Favourite Meals: Page two of the Meal Planner includes a bonus “Go to Meals” list where you can capture your family favourite meals for quick inspiration when you can’t think of what to cook for the week.


Cleaning Checklist

The checklist includes 100+ home cleaning tasks to help you keep track of all your hard to remember chores all year round. Tasks are clearly categorised by each area of your home and each task is individually outlined to conveniently track.


✍🏼 Customisable: Under each category we’ve added in a “Anything Else” section which allows you to free text.


All documents feature:

☑ Clickable Check Boxes: Check off things to do, groceries and cleaning tasks with a simple tap as you accomplish them.


⟲ Reset Function: Reset fields (clear text) at the tap of a button.


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family-Friendly: Simultaneously add to your document (via a document sharing app) with other family members so everyone knows what needs to be actioned if needed.


*This is a digital document and no physical product will be sent out*.



Purchase is non-refundable.

Digital Organiser Bundle | To do List, Meal Planner & Cleaning Checklist

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