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THE o.c.d _ organise clean declutter kit
THE ocd by Christine


Christine is one of Australia’s most popular Home Organising & Decluttering Experts. She has organised hundreds of spaces and comes with an abundance of experience and working knowledge. 


She’s also worked with some of the biggest brands and has been featured on some of the largest media outlets including, Sunrise and The Today Show. The Today Show called her home the most organised home in the country. 


Christine is passionate about helping people find a system in their home that not only looks aesthetically gorgeous (that’s why they call her THE o.c.d as attention to detail is her finesse) but is also functional and can be easily maintained in the future.

She knows every home is special and needs some tender, loving, care and she’s here to help you accomplish your goals and regain control of your home and belongings. 

Christine also provides a personalised 1:1 Virtual Home Organising session (open worldwide) tailored to suit your home and needs if you are located out of Sydney. 

organise • clean • declutter 
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