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THE o.c.d _ organise clean declutter kit


THE o.c.d has been servicing for a number of years and comes with an abundance of experience and working knowledge. We specialise in organising, cleaning and decluttering your home.


We sit down with you and understand what your wants and needs are. We then provide personalised solutions and systems to work for the entire family and to suit your style. We work together with you to ensure the solutions implemented are both easy and functional to maintain in future. And of course aesthetically gorgeous...that's why they call us THE o.c.d (attention to detail is our finesse).


We know that every home is special and needs some tender, loving, care and we are here to help.


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If you are located in another state or prefer to do it yourself, we also provide a virtual home service. This entails a 1 hour video consult with THE o.c.d. We will provide you with suitable product ideas, suggestions on how to sort out your space better and how to get started. In addition to this other packages can be arranged to suit your needs. 

For more information enquire today. 


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