The greatest invention to fitted sheets!

Fitted sheets can be the bane to your existence. Washing them, folding them, placing them back on the bed. It can all be such a workout and such a dreaded task...yes, the struggle is real.

One thing I couldn’t stand about fitted sheets even though I bought the deeper cornered ones, was after a couple of washes they would shrink, which was so frustrating. Every time I would place them back on the bed, when I came to the last corner, it always resulted in them being uneven, which did my absolute head in.

I recently discovered these QuickZip Fitted Sheets and I’m so happy that someone created such an intelligent and simple way to change sheets! These fitted sheets come in a two-part set. There is a base, which you place on permanently on the mattress (which is super easy and quick to do) and then a top fitted sheet which just zips on and off in seconds. So no more stress and playing tug-o-war with your fitted sheet! The zipper is great quality and does not jam or have any issues. The base has extra deep pockets so they won’t slip off and sits securely on the bed.

Besides how smart the design is, the thread, stitching and material is excellent quality too. They are made of 100% cotton with a sateen finish, so they are super soft and feel absolutely amazing to sleep on. They are the perfect temperature for both hot and cold nights. They wash really well, don’t shrink (unlike many other traditional sheets out there) and will last through the long haul.

They also come in cot sizes which is great as I often feel like I’m going to fall inside the cot when changing sheets. Not to mention the safety benefits of having sheets setup like this.

QuickZip Fitted Sheets – Key Features

  • Comes in all standard mattress sizes and cot sizes too

  • Comes in lots of colours

  • Utilizes YKK zippers that are of premium quality and doesn’t jam

  • 100% sateen cotton

  • 400 thread count

  • Deep pocket fitted base so they don’t ever pop off

  • Pre-shrunk material

  • The zipper is optimally positioned to make it easy to access

So if you are similar to me and hate changing your fitted sheets this is the product for you. QuickZip Sheets offer international shipping and often have specials on, so you could pick up a great deal.

For more information about QuickZip Sheets head to They offer a large range of sets, colours and packages and accommodate to a number of different size mattresses.


Remember, as I always say the key to staying organised around your home is finding the right products so your home isn’t filled with lots of unmanageable clutter and products that just don’t work as good as others so you end up with double ups

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