My favourite maternity and nursing clothing essentials for your wardrobe

Anyone who has a growing baby bump will know how difficult it can be to find the right maternity wear that is both stylish and comfortable. Maternity wear can also be quite pricey, particularly when you just don’t stop growing. So finding some essentials for the growing bump is vital. It’s a massive bonus when what you end up purchasing can accommodate your changing needs once the baby arrives and you need to start nursing.

I’m a curvy girl, so for me finding clothes and bras is already a HUGE challenge. So when I discovered the range SRC Health carry, I was stocked to find good quality maternity and nursing clothing that was super comfortable and affordable. I was even able to wear all the things I got until I was 40 weeks pregnant (and I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy). SRC Health clothing is the most comfortable and flattering I’ve ever tried and they cover you in all the right places, which is the best feeling particularly when you’re self-conscious with your changing body.

I am obsessed with their SRC Essentials ¾ Sleeve Feeding Tops. They are the perfect length and don’t ride up your back at all. In addition to this some more of my favorites in their range is the SRC Essentials Jersey Pants. These maternity pants are completely seamless in the waistband and not like any traditional jersey pants I’ve ever had. They sit perfectly around the bump and would even be great to wear after pregnancy, particularly if you’ve had a C-section as they would not rub on your wounds. Lastly another of my favorite items is the SRC Essentials Long Line Cardigan, this is also very flattering and the perfect addition to any wardrobe even if your not pregnant or nursing.

I basically live in all my essentials from SRC Health because they are so comfy (they are as cozy as pajamas and I love wearing PJ’s). They are all made of super soft bamboo jersey fabric, which feels amazing on your skin.

They have a huge range to choose from which is great and with their basics range you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. These are an absolute must have in any wardrobe and I’m excited that I will still be able to wear all these when bub arrives. They are great value for money and they have been a lifesaver for me in and out of the home!

I also got the SRC Recovery Leggings from SRC Health. These provide you with the support to move more freely post-delivery and make lifting and other tasks much easier, helping you regain your pre-body shape. Their highly rated by other mums and also recommended by physiotherapists to speed up recovery post pregnancy. I’ll keep you guys posted on how they go too.

In addition to clothes finding a nursing bra can be a challenge, and if you’re busty you’ll know what I’m talking about. I remember spending a couple of weekends running around trying to find just any nursing bra and it was a huge fail. Then I discovered a range called Cake Maternity who are an online store and also sell in a couple of different retail shops. These guys have one of the largest ranges in nursing bras. They also accommodate to those ladies with a bustier chest (they go all the way up to those sized 20H!).

For me finding a nursing bra that just fits is a big challenge, so when I found some that both fit and were super comfortable I was over the moon (it was like winning the lottery in bras). I got two different types of nursing bras from Cake Maternity the Cotton Candy Seamless Sleep & Yoga Nursing Bra and the Croissant Smoothing Flexi Wire, which are both super comfortable and these days basically live in them (and please note I am one of these woman that hates to wear a bra and I usually cant wait to rip mine off when I get home).

For more information on the SRC range head to or for more information on nursing bras head to Cake Maternity -


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