3 simple and creative steps to keep your toy room organised

Get your toy room under control today with these 3 simple steps and helpful tips! Your kids will never stop playing with their toys, so it’s important to have a simple system that is easy for you and the kids to maintain on a daily basis.


De-clutter: Start by sorting through and de-cluttering all the toys your kids have outgrown and no longer use. Place all these toys in a laundry basket with a garbage bag for an easy throw in system and donate these to your local charity.

Sort & Separate: Have a system that is easily accessible for you and the kids. We used some stylish baskets from Kmart and began categorising the toys by type. We started with the Disney characters including the o-so-famous Elsa from Frozen, then the popular Shopkins, Barbie’s, Playdough, play food, play kitchen toys and other mixed toys.

We then separated all the pencils, textas, highlighters, notepads, other stationary equipment and stamps into some clear storage pull out containers also from Kmart.

Separating and categorising toys reduces clutter and gives your kids more options to decide what to play with. Your kids will go on an absolute mission to find that one toy, but if you categorise everything by type your kids will know where to find that toy. The other benefit with categorising is that when it’s pack up time the kids will love playing the “Sorting Game”.

Store & Style: Now it’s time to style up and make it look consistent with the rest of your house. Although it’s a toy room it can still look trendy. Use baskets for easy access and for a more coherent style.

Top tips for toy organisation:

  1. Designate a specific play area in the house

  2. De-clutter on a regular basis

  3. Store bigger items in the garage or backyard

  4. Use cubeshelves, cupboards, or cabinets to store toys, books & crafty items

  5. Label, label, label and if you really want to get the kiddies involved use picture labels which will assists them knowing where a toy is to be placed

With these simple steps even your little helpers will enjoy putting their own toys away.


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